Ethiopian American Doctor Engineer Scientist Kitaw Ejigu, worked for NASA as Chief engineer is Fake !

Kitaw Ejigu


Kitaw Ejigu was an Ethiopian American engineer and political leader; he was one of Ethiopia’s first aerospace scientists. With the completion of his studies in the late 1970s, he was drawn towards aerospace technology and started working for NASA as a system engineer and space research scientist.

He invented two aerospace mechanisms which were patented under NASA’s new technology. He collaborated with other scientists to create space shuttles and rockets that assisted in planetary science research and exploration of planet earth.

Among his greatest achievements while working on space technology were his innovative creations of the Global Positioning System (GPS), and a revolutionary and dynamic flight simulator for the Boeing Company.


Apart from his work as an aerospace scientist, he was also known for his efforts to bring about political change in Ethiopia. Because of his deep concern and love for his motherland and its people, he dedicated most of his later years serving as a visionary leader.

He established the major opposition party, The Ethiopian National United Front, and worked towards the liberation of people in his homeland. He earned the respect of millions of followers due to his visionary leadership and personal accomplishments.

(February 25, 1948 – January 13, 2006) was an Ethiopian American scientist, who worked for NASA as Chief of Spacecraft and Satellite Systems engineer is not true story as u heard on the video.


And Also there is no verifiable record from NASA that shows Kitaw Ejigu was indeed an employee in the agency.

Wow !!!

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